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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I love how Obama doesn't get any blame for the bad relationship with congress. When they went to him after the 2008 election and laid out some ideas his exact words were "I won." And they didn't pass a single piece of bipartisan support legislation. They lost the house because of it and he's been unapologetic. He's from a blue state. He has no experience working across the aisle. He is annoyed at the idea he has to earn support for any of his ideas. He thinks he just needs to lay it out there and if you don't like what he says, you're stupid. The culture of give and take in Washington seems to have compeltely baffled him - that or he's so arrogant he's annoyed at the idea that he should need to get consensus from anyone on anything at all.
I'd like to see that direct quote of him saying only "I won" and made no effort to reach bipartisan support?!

What Obama did get right after his election and even before he took office from nearly every Republican ranging from Mitch Mac to Rush baby was the cold shoulder and a public declaration that their one and ONLY priority the next four years was making Obama's a failed presidency.. screw the country!

That is what lost my respect for this slash and burn total obstructionist policy by the Republicans, and those brighter Republicans who didn't really agree with this approach, lacked the balls to stand up to the nut jobs and only skewed the polarization even further.

Obama, its true, didn't always react properly to that stone walling. But far from the arrogant 'I dont need you' attitude that you assume here, the real issue was taht Obama had been too used to working to bring people together from his days at hte Havard Review on up where he has a long track record of bringing two sides together and mediating a solution.

When Obama's early attempts to reach out were met with a total blockade, instead of finding a way to break the deadlock I do think one of his failings in the first term was to act too shell-shocked by the obstructionism and I think he was literally surprised and unfamiliar with such intransigence. Especially in 2010 when the congress was willing to let the country default rather than extend the debt ceiling.

Anyway, he could have handled that one better.

He should have spoken more directly to the American people about what he was trying to do and remain a good communicator during his term rather than retreating more within the white house and hunkering down in bunker mentality while trying to get some things down in spite of the near total opposition.

Hopefully hes learned his lesson and if teh Republicans try to stone wall him again I suspect he's got some end arounds in sotre and more full on appeals to the public at large using his bully pulpit to break up the log jamb? Anyway, we will find out.

At lesat now he wont have to worry about re-election and will have the vast experience of four difficult years under his belt.

Cant imagine Romney with his wishy washy blow with the wind mentality when and if he had to really face hte real troubles of the world.

Even on things he agreed with Obama with ( like his entire foreign policy debate in which he basically said 'I agree with him'.. he admitted he would have absolutely blown the Bin Laden assassination by first asking for permission and help from the freakin Pakistani's!!!

As Colin Powell said on another Romney head scratcher "Geez Mitt .. 'think'" even after all we know now after the fact , he says he would have done just like Obama did ( even that is doubtful) but I would have asked the Pakistani's first!!

That's not the kind of 'savvy' of leadership I want anywhere near the White House.

I have no problem with Mitt the person. I'm sure he's a perfectly decent guy and good family man and such. He just needs a backbone and some solid convictions that he can stand on and defend and not waffle all over the map to appeal to whatever audience he is going for at the moment.

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