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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I love how Obama doesn't get any blame for the bad relationship with congress. When they went to him after the 2008 election and laid out some ideas his exact words were "I won." And they didn't pass a single piece of bipartisan support legislation. They lost the house because of it and he's been unapologetic. He's from a blue state. He has no experience working across the aisle. He is annoyed at the idea he has to earn support for any of his ideas. He thinks he just needs to lay it out there and if you don't like what he says, you're stupid. The culture of give and take in Washington seems to have compeltely baffled him - that or he's so arrogant he's annoyed at the idea that he should need to get consensus from anyone on anything at all.
They didnt pass a piece of bipart legislation because, as Roh mentioned, they had NO interest in doing so unless they got their way 100 percent.

A perfect example of this was the debt ceiling issue. Talk about playing with some severe fire. This probably speaks more to the country being SO divided, but lets not pretend the republicans werent majorly pissed off that Obama was elected, and they were hardly agreeable at any point.

Hey, im blaming everyone here. The political climate is ****.
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