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Originally Posted by Pseudofool View Post
But they aren't showing a tie. RCP says 2.9 lead for Obama. That's without considering early voting, these are simply polls.

I wonder what rhetorical summersaults you'll muster to explain Romney's loss.
"While total early voting in Ohio only increased by 2.44% from 2008, early voting in counties that voted heavily for Kerry/Obama declined 4.1% while counties that voted heavily Bush/McCain increased their early voting by a shocking 14.39%."

Edit in case you need more - what I'm saying is that the polls are wrong and the early voting SHOWS that.

The problem I see with the OH polls, especially the final polls is that they are claiming that 35-47% of people have already voted, when the number is closer to 31-32% (32% using 2004 turnout, 31% using 2008 turnout). And those early voters in the polls skew more Democrat

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