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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
just a hunch, I have zero proof. When you look at how FO argues, it's similar to KCStud but more mature. It's like KCStud knows he's a loser but he still wants to post here on the OMane so he creates a new poster identity that claims to be a faider fan. He thinks we won't figure it out b/c FO is a faider fan and not another kc fan. But when you look at FO's posts, they are very much like KCstud's posts in that he basically ignores counter arguments and then when he's proven wrong, he moves the goal posts. The only difference is FO doesn't have knee-jerk reactions and he tries to remain civil.
I see the point and it could work, Studly could have multiple personalities but I think Stud deep down thinks kFc is the best team ever because he is a fan of them. When he is proven wrong he just commits hari kari so he has an excuse not to be here and take the punishment from threads like this.
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