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Week 10: @ Carolina - W

Week 11: vs San Diego - W

Week 12: @ KC - W

Week 13: vs Tampa Bay - L (I think TB is coming on strong and emergence of Doug Martin has really sparked them ... will be a toss-up and one of those games we should win.)

Week 14: @ Oakland - W (as someone said, possible trap game ... but I think OAK is dysfunctional enough to offset that)

Week 15: @ Baltimore - L (Seems we always have trouble in MD)

Week 16: vs Cleveland - W

Week 17: vs KC - W

So, on paper, we finish 6-2 down the stretch and 11-5 on the season. I really do think there will be another oddball game in there we lose that we definitely shouldn't, putting the final record at 10-6.

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