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Originally Posted by dsmoot View Post
When Wade Phillips left Denver the talent level OVERALL on the team was not that good from the OL, WR, LB, RB, DL & special teams. I distinctly remember thinking that John Elway would never return to the SB, much less win it before he retired. Compare the quality of the roster/depth between 1994 and 1997. In my opinion, Shanahan performed somewhat of a miracle in a short time shoring up the roster.

I am not a supporter of what Shanahan did past the Superbowl years and he did leave too late. I think ego was his biggest enemy in the GM role, relating to the players and to the fans. I think he no longer motivates players.

I think too many people have a short memory of what the Broncos looked like at the end of 1994 and no longer give Shanahan the credit he REALLY deserved when he first took over. The last 10 years have diminished peoples opinion of Mike.
Actually, Shanny inherited OL - Zimmerman, Habib, Nalen all of whom started during the 95-98 years.

DB - inherited Ray Crockett and Atwater.

LB - inherited Allen Aldridge, who started at MLB 95-97.

DL- Harald Hasselbach, kept for depth 95-98.

ST - inherited Elam, Rouen, Glynn Milburn, Hebron, and Keith Burns also.

WR - inherited Anthony Miller and got a decent couple of yrs from him, but yeah WR was poor.

And of course Shanny inherited Shannon Sharpe and John Elway. Also Dwayne Carswell who contributed for many a year as blocking TE.

So yeah, Shanny made some nice additions of older players to make those SB runs, as well as some nice draftees like Mobley, Pryce, Rod Smith, T. Davis.

Yeah, there was some shaky units as you said - DL, RB, WR. Shanny made some nice additions there with FA's and draftees. But don't pretend like that 1994 roster was shaky. Had a few HOF'rs, and Shanny inherited about 9-10 players from the 1994 roster that started for the 1996-1998 kickass years, and key rotation guys like Carswell and Hasselbach.

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