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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
From what I saw of Koppen a few weeks ago, he's not a power player that's going to out muscle guys.

But he does do a great job of using his hands/leverage to manuver guys and uses their momentum against them. He'll use multiple hand punches to keep a guy off balance and still moves pretty well in the 2nd level.

There were a couple of very well executed 2nd level blocks against Oakland, I think, where he cleared out defenders to get our WRs plenty of yards after the catch.

Walton has really improved though and Koppen's play so far really shows that he's capable of still playing at this level and really should be resigned for next year as well.

I'll try to get some screen captures of Koppen/Beadles and how they coped with Geno Atkins.

Honestly speaking I thought Cincy's pass rush was going to be a really tough challenge and the fact that our OL came through with flying colors in pass protection really emphasizes how far they've come as a group.

I can only remember one pressure on Manning where he threw that 2nd pick but apart from that he was kept clean.
I have tried to keep an eye on Koppen and his weakness is definitely drive run blocking, he just doesn't have the power to move the NT out of the way on runs in the A-gaps. Walton was noticibly better at getting that initial burst to push the NT away from the gap.

On pass plays Koppen is very active with his hands and using excellent leverage, he doesn't get pushed back and he has good control both when playing against a 0 or 1 tech or when blocking out to support against a player lined up on the guard.

The most dangerous power run we have is definitely running behind Kuper and Franklin right at the C-gap with Beadles pulling, those 3 guys get so much push and penetration and really clear out the area.
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