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Matt Prater

Presidential vote will of course be meaningless here in Mass, but we've got a good senate race and our ballot questions are pretty good this time around:

1. Availability of motor vehicle repair data

A yes vote would require auto manufacturers to make available diagnostic and repair information through a universal software system that could be used by dealers and independent shops.

2. Prescribing medication to end life

A yes vote would make Massachusetts the third state to allow terminally ill patients to end their life with a lethal dose of a drug provided by a physician. Supporters say this law would give patients with less than six months to live more control over their destiny and allow them to die with dignity. Some opponents argue that physicians should not be involved in such an act, while others argue that the law does not include enough safeguards regarding family notification and psychiatric evaluation.

3. Medical use of marijuana

A yes vote would make Massachusetts the 18th state to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. It would create treatment centers that must register with the state. To obtain marijuana, patients would need written certification from a physician that they have a “specific debilitating medical condition.” Supporters say this would bring relief to thousands of patients in chronic pain. Opponents say that medical practice should not be determined by popular opinion, that there has not been rigorous research on the benefits, and that legalization of medical marijuana could lead to more drug abuse and crime.
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