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Hemanuel Sandrs

Originally Posted by BowlenBall View Post
Austin Collie's career bests are:
Yards - 676 (2009)
Receptions - 60 (2009)
Touchdowns - 8 (2010)
Yards per reception - 11.3 (2009)

Decker through 8 games this season
Yards - 583
Receptions - 46
Touchdowns - 7
Yard per reception - 12.7

Decker should pass Collie's career highs in all categories by game 11 at the latest. I think he's a bit better than "the next Austin Collie"....
The point is that Manning is responsible for his emergence, not that the stats will be the same. Collie became prominent (so did Dallas Clark, Garcon, et al for that matter) because Manning was throwing to him. Decker would likely be a solid WR without Manning. He could be a star WITH manning.
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