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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
I know it's fun to pile on the guy, but let's not go crazy here. He fumbles once every 61 touches. That's better than quite a few top backs.

At the slightest touch? I don't think so.

Ok, I wasn't being literal.

But, just from watching him? If the opposing team rips or punches at the ball, there is a VERY good chance it's coming free.

Once every 61 touches is not a good ratio to begin with, and misleading. If he's not making it out of the backfield, running out of bounds, or simply going down on first contact, he's probably not going to cough it up.

But, as I said, if they want the ball? I'm sure they like they're odds when it's in his hands.

I had high hopes for Moreno when he was drafted. Watched him play a lot of games @Ga and thought he would fit well in the NFL as a primary back.

4 years later, I'm willing to admit I was wrong and that he's probably never going to be anything more than a 3rd down receiving back.
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