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I said no such thing.

Nobody here was more on board with going after MJD, then Deangelo Williams, than me......for that very reason.

But we have who we have. And Moreno was dirt cheap. All his bonuses were paid and all we had to do was guaranty his league minimum salary this season. He's a decent enough emergency backup and can come in for 10+ carries if needed. There will be no serious "heavy leaning" on Hillman if there's an injury. He'd split carries like he is now, granted the number would go up. But it's not like they'd be giving him 30 carries a game. It's not necessary with this offense.
I think something else may have happened behind the scenes this season. Although the ST aspect is probably correct. I just dont understand why you keep the guy? There are so many talented undrafted backs out there who are hungry and have a chip on their shoulder. Give one of those guys a shot. I think it was a bad call by Elway to keep him around.
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