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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by KevinJames View Post
I don't get the hate on Hillman. Not even 40 carries and people call him below average wtf.....

Hes the youngest player in the NFL, hes going to get better each game. He broke Marshall Faulk's college record and John Fox & even Faulk himself compared him to Faulk. So they obviously see some real all star potential in him.

You can already start to see flashes of his potential. Hes not slow, you can't reverse the field (like you seen him do on that run) unless you have speed and explosion he has both you will see this shine more when he gets more carries.

The kid is going shut people up before the end of the year though I am pretty confidant in that.
Good take. The main reason we don't see him more has nothing to do with ability. I think he's still struggling with the offense. Manning basically tells him exactly what to do every time he's in the game.
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