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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by fwf View Post
Was wondering if someone could help me tap into what Elway was thinking? Moreno is counting about 2M towards the cap this season and I understand once a guy makes the week 1 roster his contract is guaranteed.

The question is, why did he make the roster? He's been around long enough for the coaches to get a sense of weather he can play or not! And if you're gonna keep him at least give him a shot. And no, 8 carries does not constitute a shot. Is he hurt? Is that why he's not dressing?

I find it frustrating that the RB depth on this team is so weak at this point. What's the plan, seriously, if Willis goes down or breaks down?
Ummmm, you answered your own question. Moreno is literally still here just in case Willis goes down.
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