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If you really want to count chickens before the hatching, here's the way it looks to me:

The Texans are 7-1 and have only two tough games remaining (Chicago & the Pats) They also own the tiebreaker over Denver due to the head to head result. They look to be on track for the number one seed in the AFC.

Denver has a chance to catch Baltimore (currently 6-2) if the Broncos can beat the Ravens on the road. (The Ravens also have fairly tough games against Pittsburgh (x2) & the Giants remaining.)

The Pats, at 5-3, have the edge over Denver due to the head to head victory, but they do seem have a lot harder schedule that includes Houston, the 49ers, and a pair of games against Miami (which has been surprisingly tough this year).

Amazingly, Indy is 5-3, but they have two games against Houston and a road game against the Pats.

The Steelers have worked their way back up to 5-3, but have two games against the Ravens and a road game at Dallas. Denver owns the tiebreaker due to the week 1 victory.

So ...

Top priority for Denver is simply to win its divisional games.

After that, the Baltimore game could give Denver a shot at the #2 seed and a bye week in the playoffs.

The Texans are almost impossible to catch and we want them to help us by beating down the Pats.
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