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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
That play was a huge brainfart on Dumervil - the pass rush flushes Dalton out of the pocket, he rolls to his left which means it is going to be difficult for him to set his feet and throw (a right hander rolling left is at a disadvantage), Dumervil is in the short zone and he comes up to try to get Dalton, this leaves the flat zone completely open and Gresham (the TE) comes back to help Dalton wide open, Dalton makes the little flip and Gresham takes off, Moore is being blocked down field and in that situation he is trying to make sure he doesn't overplay and let Gresham into the field, but unfortunately he doesn't have enough power to disengage and force Gresham out of bounds.

All in all the play was well defended initially but then Dumervil leaves his zone which leaves the TE wide open on the route adjustment and Moore who makes the right call in keeping Gresham on the sideline then fails to disengage and make the tackle.
Thanks, I rewatched it and it looks like you're spot on.
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