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Our defense gets disrespected too much I think going down the line of talent on defense its better than people think. I think guys in red are replaceable next season. Also Vickerson could be kept as well if he continues to show up I think being heavy again helps him.

DE - Dumervil (stud)
DT - Vickerson (underrated, having a solid season)
DT - Bannan (old stopgap but playing solid)
DE - Wolfe (young w/ high motor guy)

WLB - Woodyard (solid, most improved)
MLB - Brooking (obviously a stopgap)
SLB - Miller (stud)

LCB - Bailey (future HOF)
RCB - Porter (solid, when healthy)
Nickel CB - Harris (solid, bright future)
Dime CB - Carter (young good cover guy w/ potential)

FS - Rahim Moore (young but the most improved player outside of woodyard)
SS - Adams (average stopgap IMO, but can play solid at times)

Only 4 red guys to replace next season not bad. IMO going forward our defense looks great, for the future we would obviously like to find a MLB that excels in pass coverage and a stud interior DL but I am hoping Wolfe eventually develops into a solid starting DT even though I know hes playing DE right now.

Ayers looks like a career backup here, I am fine with that hes a good rotation player. Nate Irving looks to be a career backup at SLB as well but who knows.

We have a lot of young unknown players on our defense with tons of potential like Irving, Danny T, Malik Jackson & who knows with Bolden I don't like to throw guys under the bus their rookie season.

I could see DJ sticking on btw if he plays this year and excels at MLB I could see him staying there as long as having DJ next to Wood works. I wouldn't replace Woodyard at WLB hes good there. DJ played MLB before and he played it pretty good for us if he could do that I could see it being the plan going forward. If Denver wants him back that is.

Our needs (if DJ isn't in the picture) are:
MLB that excels at covering TEs
DT/LDE (whatever Wolfe doesn't start at)
Big SS (in the mold of Kam Chancellor from Seahawks)

I'm very impressed with Vickerson. The guy has really manned up.
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