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Really? Not to sound like a homer but statistically Von and Watt are very close. And Von is dropping into coverage this year and not just running at the QB. Watt is lined up and penetrates every play. His pass defenses aren't because he is playing coverage, it is because when he rushes and doesn't get to the QB he throws his hands up to obstruct passing lanes just like DL are taught. Watt got a lot of deserved hype for his early season output.

Von has 33 tackles
Watt has 38 tackles

Von has 9 sacks
Watt has 10.5 sacks

Von has 14 Tackles for loss
Watt has 15 Tackles for loss

31-35 is the combined record of teams Watt has faced
38-26 is the combined record of teams Von has faced

Watt has dominated crappier opponents. Von is getting it done at right near the same statistical rate but against much stronger opponents. Watt reaped benefits of playing a weaker schedule. Over the next 8 weeks Von gets to do the same.
A lot of those stats are coming from Houston because they are leading forcing the opponents to pass. With Denver's schedule look for them to get out to leads like they did Sunday forcing teams to pass. I look for both Doom and Miller to have a huge final 9 games of the season.
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