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Originally Posted by Action View Post
Moore just happens to be at the center of the plays I'm discussing, it doesn't matter who it is.

This is how it is at the orangemane ---> people incorrectly diagnose a players actions based on how they perceive a player through their feelings.

Matter of fact, people incorrectly diagnose the WHOLE play based on their feelings of a certain player.

I don't care that it's Moore, it could have been Mike Adams, Leohnard, Bruton... it's about getting the play right and crediting who deserves to be credited, and faulting who is really at fault.

Accountability, that's all it really is.

You have still missed the point. Fontaine took the time and made the effort to point something out quite interesting to some of us. Maybe not you. Be positive. Instead of bringing a critical attitude about what someone may not have included in his post, be a contributor and ADD to it. Be thankful about what he did do and bring the rest of us something positive too. I am sure you have something to add. Almost all of us saw the game. However, we may have missed what you might have to ADD to the post. Criticism of any form is not ADDING. Think about WHY some of us have reacted so negatively to what you said.
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