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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Why? He has 9 and the midway point. Or is it you think he has no chance at DPOY
Watt or the kid from CHI are shoe ins.. with the elite east coast media making teh choices..

they will hype them till hell freezes over.. we play no body remotely important in those market except BAL and I doubt that Miller will get many if ANY sacks against Flacko..

if you do not play the big teams and do great your an after thought on sporsts center..

we all know that the DEN media are not heavy hitters and frankly no one east of the Mississippi even knows where DEN is..

I used to work at the DEN Airport, during ski Saturdays the folks would be coming into DEN dressed in their ski Outfits asking where the lift lines were..

most folks do not have a clue.. on national broadcasts they show pictures of Buffalo roaming in the mountains and picture of skiers in season along with running mountain streams..

unless he is ahead of Watt by big numbers as well as batted down passes, and TFL he does not have a chance..

I have lived on the east coast and west coast and there is zero coverage in those papers and nightly news..

I love the guy and his passion, but IMO he does not have a chance.. EVEN IF his numbers are bigger than Watts are no doubt he will be poo-poohed because of a weaker schedule..
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