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Originally Posted by Rolandftw View Post
TCU the best pass defense in college football? On what basis, exactly? They get a lot of interceptions, but they give up a lot of yards, points and touchdowns too.

Look at their conference slate:

TCU vs ISU- Barnett 12/21 183 yards 8.7 yd average
TCU vs Baylor-Florence 12/19 289 yards 15.2 yd average
TCU vs TTU- Doege 30/42 318 yards 7.6 yd average
TCU vs OSU- Lunt 18/33 324 yards 9.8 yd average
TCU vs WVU- Smith 32/54 260 yards 4.8 yd average

So, Geno Smith was held in check more then any of TCU's conference opponents but Iowa State (who I think most will agree have the worst or second worst offense in the Big XII)?

Geno kept them in it and everything, but didn't exactly put up the stats that would make a scout think he's a top 5 pick either. And yeah, West Virginia has a terrible pass defense. So does Baylor though...
Geno is also a product of a terrible OL who is struggling mightily to compete against Big 12 DL. Devonte Fields was in Geno's grill before he could finish his 5 step drop on every other play.

I'm just not sure how Geno or Barkley are supposed to be so great when their teams are so incredibly horrible. Geno gives his team 3 chances to win and his defense/ST's blows it and Barkley puts up 5 TD's and 400+ yards but the only stop his defense got was when Oregon missed a FG.

Geno isn't as NFL ready because he needs more time to learn to read defense's, but I like his tools. I like Barkley's too. Smart kid. Will break the USC curse IMO. He's by far most NFL ready QB from USC.
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