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Champ seems to me the type that will take a team friendly deal to finish his career in Denver, I think that if he wants to play beyond 2014 we'll be able to work something reasonable out, especially if Manning is still here and has us contending.

As for Miller and Clady, both will be getting long term deals.

When his time to negotiate comes Von will (barring injury) be one of the best players in the NFL. He already is. He's young, versatile, elite and high character. Those players don't become free agents. He'll likely get a deal that will be the biggest a linebacker has ever gotten in the NFL, and he'll be worth every penny.

Clady's not going anywhere either. We've got Peyton Manning for what is likely a 2-4 year window. The goal for every one of those years is going to be winning the Superbowl, and if we're going to succeed it's going to be largely due to our HOF quarterback.

The idea that we'd let one of the best offensive tackles in the game walk away at this point is laughable, if it happens I'll finally buy into the idea that Bowlen is broke because from a footballing perspective it'd be about the stupidest thing we could do. After Manning and Von he's our next most important player IMO, he absolutely has to be signed long term.
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