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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
good post

I'm still baffled by how much the Skins traded to get RG3. I also think Shanny will get this year and next year to turn things around because of RG3. That being said Shanny simply refuses to learn. Maybe it's his super inflated ego (this is my theory) but he just keeps making the same mistakes over and over.

If Shanny fires Jim Haslett due to the poor defense then my respect for him will continue to decline. Fact is, Shanny is reponsible for the defensive woes. Sure, they have some injuries but all teams have injuries. Shanahan needs to do two things to win THIS year and his team is only really capable of doing one of these two things: run the ball effectively and play good defense. Don't put it all on a rookie QB's shoulders to win games. Unfortunately the defense sucks.

The trade gives Shanny another year probably but, Snyder is never afraid to make a move we'll see.
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