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I think Geno looked great on Saturday. He put 3 TD's on the best pass defense in college football.

The top 3 QB's are victims of god awful surrounding talent. Barkley and Geno's defense can't stop anybody. Literally.

Geno put his team in position to win 3 times Saturday and his defense gave up a 90 and 25 yard TD literally on the next play.

Kinda feel bad for these guys. They have to score 5 TD's every game just to have any chance to win.
TCU the best pass defense in college football? On what basis, exactly? They get a lot of interceptions, but they give up a lot of yards, points and touchdowns too.

Look at their conference slate:

TCU vs ISU- Barnett 12/21 183 yards 8.7 yd average
TCU vs Baylor-Florence 12/19 289 yards 15.2 yd average
TCU vs TTU- Doege 30/42 318 yards 7.6 yd average
TCU vs OSU- Lunt 18/33 324 yards 9.8 yd average
TCU vs WVU- Smith 32/54 260 yards 4.8 yd average

So, Geno Smith was held in check more then any of TCU's conference opponents but Iowa State (who I think most will agree have the worst or second worst offense in the Big XII)?

Geno kept them in it and everything, but didn't exactly put up the stats that would make a scout think he's a top 5 pick either. And yeah, West Virginia has a terrible pass defense. So does Baylor though...
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