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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Nope, I have an aversion to morons who think Tebow was the sole reason we made playoffs last season.

Orton played himself out of a job....and I appreciate Tebow helping us win a playoff game just as much as I appreciated any back-up QB we've had that did ok like Gus and Gary and Norris...but the bottom line is they were back-ups for a reason
What reason was there for Tebow being a backup behind Orton when the results of each is so heavily skewed toward the former? Could it be a failure of the coaching staff? I really want you to explain how Tebow's not starting is an indictment of him when, given the chance, he took (excuse me, "helped") a 1-4 squad to the playoffs. Would it not make infinitely more sense that, had Tebow failed, you would be correct with that assessment? How can you be correct in both worlds? By having your cake and eating it too? By using monstrously stupid logic? I don't know.
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