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Originally Posted by errand View Post
So how come a talent such as he cannot unseat such journeymen like Orton and Sanchez in pre-season and practice? Sure if you want to say the Broncos were blind to his amazing QBing skills...but the Jets too? C'mon man....
I'm just gonna say it. You are a moron if you think Tebow's not beating Orton out of a job is an indictment against Tebow. It was an indictment against the coaching staff, period. It is a failure in talent assessment. Like, say, leaving Joe Mays as the starter for a few years. Does that resonate a little better for you? Or do you think Mays remaining a starter is an indictment against his backups? Fool. As for New York, you can't assume. The situation has yet to unfold beyond Sanchez, who was signed to a new contract, being shoehorned into the starting role.
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