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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Good coaches raise the level of play from their players, they mask their defiencies(sp?) and gameplan to their advantages.

Romeo has not done that in any phase of the game for kFc this year. They are turning the ball over on O and ST's and their D is not getting TO's. They are being beaten like a rug in the passing game and teams are running on them. There is no clear plan of attack that one could point out and then they get down and are forced to throw out what little they did prep for.

Romeo should not venture outside of DC again in his career. He is like a sucky version of Wade Phillips
outside of Charles and Bowe the Chiefs have **** else on O.
their D has some pieces to it but Derrick Johnson is the only big time guy who isn't named Eric Berry.
KC needs talent upgrades in all areas, they need a competent GM who can evaluate talent and develop it.

do i think Romeo is a good HC? hell no, but do i think a "good" coach will be able to go in there with the same talent and win? hell no.
you're going to have to get a perfect hard nosed X's & O's teacher to squeeze blood out of that stone.
for KC to improve they need a great coach. without the perfect hire, you can put just about any average or good coach in there and they won't win much.

i look at KC the same way i see us.
they have **** for talent and they need an overhaul. if they get a exec who will take over and own the team from the picks to the players to the coaches then they'll improve.
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