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Situation: 2nd quarter 9:07, 3rd and 22
ALERT Screen

BRONCOS: Looks like their dime package, 3 down lineman, 2 linebackers. Showing blitz

Bolden is getting field time, he is at the bottom of the screen.

Obvious WR Screen. Chris Harris is brought in for the DB Blitz, and dropping Woodyard into coverage. Most Broncos rushers aren't even touched. Everyone gets pressure, mainly Dumervil, whom EXPLODES off the line. Ayers is the furthest from the play as he got blocked and had no pressure.

Dalton gets the ball out just in time before getting knocked over by Dumervil in which he wanted a flag. NOPE.

Before #12 catches the ball, Rahim Moore has already diagnosed the play and is running towards #12. You can see him on the screen running in at FULL SPEED before #12 is even turned around. Chris Harris and Von Miller have also already diagnosed the play and hustle towards the ball.

Rahim Moore at full speed, runs past an olineman who couldn't get his hands on him, and is able to shed the block of another olineman.

Rahim Moore makes the tackle at full speed for a 5 yard loss, just as good as a sack. Chris Harris, Woodyard and Von Miller were all there to clean up in case anything happened.

Keep in mind, from the time #12 caught the ball to Rahim Moore tackling him, only 2 SECONDS went by. Keep this in perspective.

Good defensive execution by whole team.

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