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Shanny catching a lot of grief, but 14-27 and 3-6 this year will get that for an HC/GM. Trading two 2nds, two 1sts, and spending a 1st and a 4th on QB's (also FA QB's Grossman and Beck) and you end up with Grossman, RG3, Kirk Cousins, and you still have a 14-27 record will get you some grief also. RG3 looks like a keeper, but on a weak overall team losing a 2nd and two future 1sts to get him doesn't bode well for the future.

In fairness, he's lost some key players on both O and D this year (Orakpo, Carriker, Garcon, Fred Davis).

He looked worn out in the postgame presser that's getting so much play, but I don't think he was saying he's packing it in for this year, kind of misinterpreted there a little bit I think.

He has a tough row to hoe coming up this season and in the future also. No 1st rounders for the next two years, plus that weird FA penalty they got nailed with.
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