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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I'm not biting too hard because i seem to be the only one who gets banned around here. Trust me pissing off Kupesdad around here is like kicking puppies. You find yourself singled out and banned for telling Rohirim that his breath probably smells of dick.

Everyone gets bummed when broncos players get injured, i want Kuper starting and playing well just like everyone else. Being critical of him just a little different because his father frequents the board. I will try and remember that.

Heal up fast Kupe! Maybe sleep in a hyperbaric chamber if they make one in xxxl.
This post sounds like you're trying to claim a correlation between your recent 7-day vacation and the exchange you had with Kupesdad. For the record, the two incidents were not connected. And the idea that you're the only one who gets banned around here is patently false. Just sayin'....

Go Broncos... and get healthy again soon, Kuper!
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