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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I'm not biting too hard because i seem to be the only one who gets banned around here. Trust me pissing off Kupesdad around here is like kicking puppies. You find yourself singled out and banned for telling Rohirim that his breath probably smells of dick.

Everyone gets bummed when broncos players get injured, i want Kuper starting and playing well just like everyone else. Being critical of him just a little different because his father frequents the board. I will try and remember that.

Heal up fast Kupe! Maybe sleep in a hyperbaric chamber if they make one in xxxl.
Cut... I didn't snap on you because you were being critical of Chris. I snapped because I feel that most of your comments seem to be hypercritical of this team not just the O-Line. I admit that I was out of bounds commenting on your life and I apologize for that. For the most part your takes critical or not seem to have a fairly sound understanding of the game. I don't take any pleasure watching you get piled on by other posters because I'm a big boy and I can take care of myself. Whether Chris retires as a Bronco or moves on to another team at some point, I will always be a fan (I can't believe I just wrote that) due to the fact that every person I have met in person that came from this website have been very kind to me and my family. I'm sure the same could be said about you. I will try to be thicker skinned in the future... the great thing about sites like this is we don't have to agree on everything (that would suck) but we do have a responsibility to at least be somewhat civil no matter what the discussion is about. This last 10 mos has been pretty tough for me watching my son struggle with injuries and you must have caught me on a bad day. Anyway if I feel like piling on someone we always have Bob... have a good day...kupe
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