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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Yeah, I would go with 95% chance likely that it's Dallas. I don't think Snyder will pull the trigger at this time but if he was attempting to, the only way payton goes to DC is if he feels he can't pass up having RGIII vs. having Romo or an unknown QB.

I still say Dallas though.
He wants to live in NOL. As for DAL he is smarter than to work for Jerry. Who wants the spotlight and control of the team. The last two decent HC he had both told him to stick it because he kept meddling in the operations. All the rest have been suck ups. And why they have not win anything since forever.

He said he wants to play there is telling everyone he does and it is just a stupid clause of some sort in the contract that the NFL did not like.

He is not going anywhere.
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