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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
1. I'm not a defensive coach.
2. This thread isn't about logging every missed play, assignment break down etc.
3. This thread is (mostly) about Ayers - hint - read the title.
4. I'm literally:
- rewatching/rewinding every defensive play,
- tracking Ayers' snaps,
- down and distance,
- where he lines up and
- trying to watch as much of the DL as I can,
- while tracking Ayers' burst off the snap and closing speed.
- and taking screenshots along with trying to post at the same time in under 2 hours.

So yeah, I don't even have the time to disregard who's supposed to do what in coverage.
Considering that this whole post

Originally Posted by Fontaine
This is the kinda crap that really annoys me.

On Cincy's next drive we blitz Trevathan and someone else, coverage is great and Dalton is forced out of the pocket and makes a throw to his WR.

Moore misses the tackles and Cincy's deep in our half. Maybe I'm being harsh but I expect a starting safety to make this tackle or at least push him out of bounds.
Has nothing to do with Robert Ayers, it kind of suggests that you aren't just looking at Robert Ayers.

You saw Rahim Moore's missed tackle, yet you didn't see Dumervil break his coverage.
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