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Originally Posted by Action View Post
So you are going to completely disregard that Dumervil left Gresham to chase Dalton behind the LOS?
Originally Posted by Action View Post
Yeah, but you're going to completely ignore the fact that Moore made a great play on a blitz where all 5 rushers went towards the QB...

Moore sheds a block from an olineman and makes a tackle behind the LOS to blow up the screen.

Let's completely disregard this part of the play and highlight Robert Ayers, the ONLY player that had no/least amount of pressure on Dalton because he was getting blocked. And, the fact that it was a screen play, the pressure doesn't really mean much as a screen pass is more about the receiver getting free to catch the screen.

1. I'm not a defensive coach.
2. This thread isn't about logging every missed play, assignment break down etc.
3. This thread is (mostly) about Ayers - hint - read the title.
4. I'm literally:
- rewatching/rewinding every defensive play,
- tracking Ayers' snaps,
- down and distance,
- where he lines up and
- trying to watch as much of the DL as I can,
- while tracking Ayers' burst off the snap and closing speed.
- and taking screenshots along with trying to post at the same time in under 2 hours.

So yeah, I don't even have the time to disregard who's supposed to do what in coverage.

At this time I'm very tempted to say something unpleasant, but I'm not going to waste any more of my time.


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