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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
Force back into the defense. What a joke you are the play design goes to the inside of the D. They knew AZ would play man and take a chance on PP garbage tackling and maybe spring for a TD. Sure enough Wilson doesn't get him down and neither can your boy. He also gave up a 3rd and long at a key point in the game because he missed a routine tackle. Whatever dude you just think your so above everyone else when it's clear you are not. I'm not sure why you haven't coached in the NFL yet because I know you feel that way in your own mind.
Dude, I just posted a ****ing picture indisputably SHOWING that you're wrong...

Meanwhile, according to your "logic", the MLB should be tackling the RB every running play, because "that's his guy"
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