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Originally Posted by watermock View Post
My cat is a racist, he hates the Rottie down the street.

God he loves to tease that dog. If that dog ever gets ahold of him again, he's going to rip him apart. He's allready had one go around, I don't know if you remember, but I said Beezlebub was ambulatory.

He's fine, but what am I going to do.

I will just go out to the cat farm and get another. I'm rather attached to this one, but he's expendable. He's stone cold crazy.

I wouldn't mind having a dog, but I don't have a kid to yell at right now, to yell at the dog. The whole thing is absurd. A monkey would be amusing, for about two weeks.

Cat's are very low maintainance. Just have to keep the litter box to regulation, and your all set. hell, I don't even do more than pop off the lid of their tuna cans. They have tounges.

Poopy the hisser is about 115 in human years, and ornery as Grampa Simpson.
Poopy the hisser...Newbies, this is how you do it. There will never be another Watermock...
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