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2012 Season pace (after 8 games):
1  Thomas(WR)	90	
2  Decker(WR)	92	
3  Stokley(WR)	48
4  Tamme(TE)	58	
5  Dreessen(TE)	42	
6  Hillman(RB)	12	
7  McGahee(RB)	42	 
Manning	4,808 yards, 40 TD's                    
McGahee	292 rushing attempts, 1,240 yards                
Hillman	64 rushing attempts, 280 yards
1. Manning is performing better than expected (69.5% comp. rate is phenomenal).
2. Stokley has emerged from the trash heap, to be an important component of this Offense in '11' personnel, adding a new dimension that we did not think we would have coming into the year.
3. Hillman's relatively slow emergence has finally begun to take shape over the last two games. The good thing is, both Hillman (4.4 ypc) and McGahee (4.2 ypc) are averaging >4.0 ypc, which was one of my keys to success.
4. Both Thomas and Decker have proven that they are bonafide #1 and #2 NFL WR's, removing all doubts about their ability.
5. Tamme and Dreessen have lived up to their billing, and performed as expected.
6. McGahee is on pace for 1,200 yards, which was his goal coming into the year.

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