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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
No dude, because you flat out lie.

I've called you on it several times and every time I do, you just quietly exit the thread and come back full of more bull**** a week later.

Here's just one of many, many ****ing examples:

So in summation, this is ****ing pointless because:

A. You're either committed to being full of ****


B. Too stupid to realize what you're seeing

Either option doesn't work for me.
One article from one guy using the terms maybe, potential etc. I see you get to use stats and a bs one quarterback rating but when people use them against him you say not a valid source. Craig Morgan he is one of the clowns down here where I live part of the time claiming Manning was a Cardinal for sure. He also claimed Denver was out and Tennessee was only threat. REV the only toolbox around that can't admit when he is wrong. He is deflecting because his boy has been torch this year and especially last 2 games.
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