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Barkley helped his stock a bit. Granted it was against Oregon's defense, which isn't very good... but still, he looks like the best QB in the class, and the most likely player to be a star player at the next level.

Geno Smith's stock has got to be plummeting right now. He's basically played three games against good defenses all year, and his numbers are rather pedestrian at best in those contests. Really hard to see him going in the top 5 of the draft, unless he really has some great performances to end the year
I think Geno looked great on Saturday. He put 3 TD's on the best pass defense in college football.

The top 3 QB's are victims of god awful surrounding talent. Barkley and Geno's defense can't stop anybody. Literally.

Geno put his team in position to win 3 times Saturday and his defense gave up a 90 and 25 yard TD literally on the next play.

Kinda feel bad for these guys. They have to score 5 TD's every game just to have any chance to win.
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