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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
I think they were hidden far more than Bronco fans realize, simply because they ran the ball far more. I think Orlando Franklin is not a good pass blocking RT. Clady hasn't been the same since his injury and Walton is average at best. I like Kuper though. He's a great player.

And I really don't understand why people think Routt is the worst CB ever. He struggled with penalties and TD's covering #1 receivers. Carr covered #2 WR's. Of course he looked awesome. Big difference covering elite WR's to covering #2 guys. Now that Routt is back to covering #2 CB's (which he had great success in in 2010), I don't think it's going to be a monumental difference, especially with Berry playing right behind him.

I disagree with that Denver will win the division by 3 games. I think it will be closer. 1 or 2 games kinda close.
I think there's a good chance Denver could be 4-4 at the midpoint just because of the adjustments and tough schedule.
The first 8 teams are a combined 85-45 from last year and only one of those teams (Raiders) looks like they will take a big step back from last season.

The fact that a lot of Bronco fans are saying one player is the breaking point is silly. This is a team sport. Don't believe me? Look at how the Colts have fared in the playoffs in their history with Manning. You would think with him alone they'd have 3 or 4 SB's, but their team as a whole wasn't strong enough until 2006.
What say you about Routt now
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