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Originally Posted by delany View Post
IMO Barkley will go to KC at #1. He will appeal greatly to the Mid-West with his core values.

He will add a great deal to the community and the fanbase will rally around him. He will win the popular vote.

On the downside, I really don't seem him as being a truly great QB between the lines at the next level. He will be a solid leader and his success will depend greatly on how good his supporting cast is. I reallly doubt whether he can will a team to victory the way the great ones can.
so sorta like Tebow only not as nationally obsessed with him .
Tebow 2.0 ?
or Tebow 1.7 ?
again people do not spout off how i hate* Tebow. i really like him as a person but his QB skills aint very good at a pro level.
He can always get better if he can find a Qb coach ,and if he can learn to play better but, he is a NY jet so i dont care anymore .

* haven't got any i hate Tebow flak TBH
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