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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by ;Old, Dementia Poster 3717642
The Mane and the Old, Dementia Poster

An Old, Dementia Poster and the Mane meet on the internet and the
Old, Dementia Poster asks the Mane if he can post on the site. Mane asks, "How do I know you will be a contributor to our site? The Old, Dementia Poster says, "Because if I do, I will help bring fresh ideas and opinions to the Mane."

The Mane is satisfied, and Old, Dementia Poster sets out to post, but in midstream, the Old, Dementia Poster repeats the same, boring and tiring posts at the Mane. The Old, Dementia Poster feels the onset of posters ripping on his horrific opinions and starts to be confused knowing they both are Broncos fans, but The Mane still has to ask the Old, Dementia Poster
why it is his nature to not go away and stick around torchering the Mane?

Replies the Old, Dementia Poster:
"Its my nature..."

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