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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
FWIW I have been a faithful Bronco fans since before they were named the Broncos.. Had season tickets from 1960-1979 when I moved out of state for good.. still kick myself in the ass for not renewing those tickets in 1980 but figured I'd never get back to DEN enough to see the games.. and without stub hub I would have been eating the cost and having empty seats..

Ironically 5 years later I had availability for free airline tickets.. Hind sight well Id have one of the highest priority numbers had I kept them.. at the time I gave them up it was under 1200..

so while I respect the Lombardi's I have almost none for that lying SOB.. IMO he destroyed my team after winning them by having failed DAFT after DAFT till Pat fired his sorry ass..

how did he destroy the team, while everyone else was building their franchise with drafting well and getting an occasional UFA to fill a hole here or there . H proceeded to DAFT poorly resigning only 13% of his picks in rounds 1-3 (where other teams were laying their foundations with), that is 6 of the 41, that he took through out his career in DEN Pryce, Wilson, Mobley, Griese, Neil and sadly DJ Williams..
All the while letting some really great talent go.. Heyward, Pryce (later after his second contract expired) , Atwater, Sharpe, Anderson, CArlise, Hixon, Kennedy, Teague , Reagor, Eason and several more that went on to play for other teams some of which are starting still today..

Why were they let go? because he FUBARED up UFA after those first couple of years picking up notorious at best expensive rentals tha in some cases never played for us yet we were saddled with the huge signing bonuses for years as dead cap money.. thus had to allow them to walk to other teams because he had no cap space.. How did he try to fix that by giving even more upfront money to existing stars when they redid their contracts year after year.. Just delaying the inevitable cap hell another year..

Now with proper management of the DRAFT, UFA signings we seem to have a very good well coached team with CAP SPACE to spare for now at least...

SO why you and others show mikey so much respect is beyond me.. His personnel decisions screwed him and us into fielding a mediocre team while others ( NE, BAL,and NE ) in particular got fat off of wise choices..

So other than winning those Lombardi's what has he done for DEN..


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