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Originally Posted by kupesdad View Post
Again? When was the first time he was lost for the season?

As far as injuries go, these are the first serious injuries since he started playing in 3rd grade. I had 3 surgeries by the time I was 25 due to "loose ligaments" which is genetics. Chris seems to have dodged that bullet but needless to say the human body was never meant to stand up to the forces that these guys run into day in and day out. The type of things that the bigger guys have due to weight is diabetes, back problems, and concussions. I consider the things that have happened to Chris in the last 10 mos are pretty fluky.. both the leg injuries were due to being "rolled up" in the scrum. As soon as I saw that he didn't emerge from the pile, I knew he was injured. These things come in threes (hopefully)
It's really a crapshoot in the trenches, I'm surprised more ankle injures and such are not more common among these guys. You got big bodies slamming around, then you got RBs running up the back of your ass as LBers and Safeties angle in to make the tackle and the the oline guy is often the one stuck right in the middle of all this stuff. It doesn't take much for another player to roll up on a foot or ankle.

Anyhow, I hope he's back IN TIME FOR THE PLAYOFFS!!
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