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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Is Hellman related to the dudes who make Mayo?

"How washout" whaaaHuh?

I think as the year goes on they would be smart to at least try some mCcluster type plays with Holliday in practice, if he can hold on to the ball and make some plays in practice then I bet we see it in a game later this season.

Like I have said before I love how this coaching staff does not stand pat and accept things for what they are. They keep trying to change things up and get better where they can.
should have been Hillman but my iPad changes words around from time to time..

Not so sure we need to be adding anything to this kids plate just yet.. lets let him become second nature on every punt/KO that he gets..

I would think that Elway and Manning have already thought about it but Know that Hillman gets his chance first..
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