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weak bones??! WTF? frankly I am impressed the man can walk without help much less play football. He has a sprain this year, he will get back out there, but weak? no the man nor his bones are weak. Geezus. Though I suppose that hypothesis aggravates me less that the one posited in the game thread about his busted Vag...seriously, sometimes people in here can be total ****wads.

That's right God created every body equal. yep ever single one of us has the very same bone density and strength. Good call super fan.

I have never broken a bone in my life (except possibly a finger ) yet I have friends that can break an arm picking their nose.

We are all different. That is why this phrase evolved, " That player is made of glass" some people are susceptible to certain types of injuries. With some it's broken bones others it's hamstrings others it's sprains. ETC.

In Kupe's case I sincerely hope it is just a case of bad luck. Certainly that horrific break last year was not a genetic thing.

You know Miss I one can make an observation without being a negative fan or "total ****wads".
Baja does raise a good point. OL on the whole are much heavier than they sould be. Look at the OL when they leave football. Tom Nalen I believe is under 200 lbs now and Mark Schelereth is about 225 lbs. Putting on as much weight as these players do is unhealthy and I am sure different bodies handle this in different ways.
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