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Originally Posted by NFLBRONCO View Post
I'd love to compile Shanny's record overall when offense doesn't get a huge lead in first qtr. It is showing more and more Kubes and Elway were the real reason behind his success. The only reason I did not want Kubes after Shanny was I wanted different offense not the same old stale stuff.
had not seen your post before saying much the same thing..

it allowed the D to mostly play pass defense after those big leads..

Unfortunately we never had a killer instinct with mikey in the saddle.. Never wanted to give the other team incentive to go for our throat..

No one liked us because we won a lot of games, but to go into cruise control offensively with a lead never made sense to me..

as Manning said the other day step on their throats when they are down..

maybe mikey has no balls..
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