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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
If the NFL really wants to go international it needs to first broadcast the games for free all over the world in order to "grow" a fanbase. You can't plant a team in a city and expect an average citizen of that city to fork over a fist full of money to watch a live event they don't even understand.

Most of the world simply doesn't like American football because 1. they don't understand it and 2. it flows differently and has a lot of stops or breaks in the action. Now I think that IF overseas fans took the time to understand the game they might like it more. However I doubt they will spend any money on learning it because it's a friggen game. They will instead go and watch their favorite soccer team.
Totally agree. It was a pain in the ass growing up (during the SB years I used to get my aunt to send me tapes of regular season games from CO that arrived two weeks late then I moved to GamePass radio before we actually got regular season day time games).
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