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Wes Welker

France is an odd choice? if they were going to pick a secondary location aside from London, Germany makes more sense as they have a fairly sizable NFL following there.

But yes, much like soccer has trouble in the US, American football struggles against rubgy and soccer for both the time it takes and the random rules. I actually don't think they'd have trouble understanding it since we have 9million replays and the announcers explain everything in painful detail. I actually think sports over here could benefit from the way we work the games with the big tv screens, and at least some replays.

I went to a rugby game the other day which was hella fun despite not really understanindg most of what they were doing. I do understand winning though. At any rate, they get into these crazy scrum-hduddle things that you can't see what they are doing and I thought you know if they shot this like the NFL there would be closeups you could see on the big screens. I can't help but think if the NFL was smart they might try helping by buying into and building up rugby teams and the stadiums so you can see stuff better. Soccer would be better to to have some scrreens up to see some of their stuff up close. I went to the Women's Gold Medal Soccer at Wembley and the set up was not nearly as good as when the NFL set it up for their games. However I will say that the crowd for that game was way more fun then the NFL games. Rugby game too. Love seeing the fans kitted up and drunk off their asses but friendly and fun.
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