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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
Tampa Bay blacks out every game. Nobody really cares about the NFL in Florida.
Cowher would get power assuming Pioli is fired. But he will probably want to stay close to his family in Carolina.
TB has a good GM already in place and a young QB with some talent. They are much closer to winning than kc and their fans do show up when they are winning. If kc is stupid enough to make Cowher their GM/HC go right ahead and hire him. Fact is Cowher's teams were loaded with talent because of their front office and Cowher benefitted from Pittsburgh's stability and overall philosophy. Now, can Cowher be successful at being a defacto GM and the HC in kc? I seriously doubt it.

kc needs to hire a compitent GM and HC and draft or trade for a good young QB. Personally, I hope they continue to keep failing. I'd love for them to hire Cowher and give him the ability to oversee all the football operations. He'd fail miserably IMHO.
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