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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Because I'm from Hong Kong and it wasn't all that fun growing up as the only football / Broncos fan? Because I think the best league in the world could teach Europeans a thing or two about fairness and parity. Because the quality of football could very well increase with a wider talent pool.
If the NFL really wants to go international it needs to first broadcast the games for free all over the world in order to "grow" a fanbase. You can't plant a team in a city and expect an average citizen of that city to fork over a fist full of money to watch a live event they don't even understand.

Most of the world simply doesn't like American football because 1. they don't understand it and 2. it flows differently and has a lot of stops or breaks in the action. Now I think that IF overseas fans took the time to understand the game they might like it more. However I doubt they will spend any money on learning it because it's a friggen game. They will instead go and watch their favorite soccer team.
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